Kent has been a friend for several years and I had the privilege to serve as an interim pastor at the church where he led student ministries.  Kent's passion for God and people is always an encouragement.  He has a vision for ministry and leads effectively.  His character and family are an example to all.  Kent is a wonderful asset in the Kingdom Ministry.....
  - Jeff Totten
      (Baseball Chapel Leader to the Detroit Tigers)
As a young man dealing with a "Holy Calling", I had the opportunity of admiring Kent Williams from afar as a "hesitant" teen trying to figure out his new youth pastor... Once convinced of his authenticity, love, and passion, I finally began pursuing his wisdom and instruction in my life.  Through humble servants like Kent Williams, God revealed His calling to a life of missions and Christian service to me. 
- Mark Taylor  missionary, Awaken Generation Ministries 

Pastor Kent Williams
Love God, Love People.
"As a dear friend of Kent and his family since 1995 I have watched the Lord guide him along a challenging spiritual journey and grow him into the godly, mature man he is today. His passion for Christ and passion for people have stood unwavering through the years. My family has personally benefited from his outstanding leadership development skills and his heart for missions. We have seen first-hand his resourceful outreach to our community. Kent Williams points people to Christ and they are forever changed."  
                  – Susan Winn, Franklin, TN
"My wife Mary and I had the pleasure of serving as volunteer youth Sunday School teachers and missions leaders with Kent and Karen Williams when they were at The People's Church in Franklin, Tennessee, from 1996-2000. We personally were blessed by Kent's passion for teenagers and skillful handling of God's Word. Kent was our example to follow for reaching lost students, too. Kent and Karen consistently modeled what Christian marriage and family is to our students. We consider Kent one of the Lord's choice servants in His kingdom.”
- Richard Barnes, Franklin, TN
”Kent Williams has affected my walk with Jesus Christ as much as anyone I know. He is a dynamic speaker, pastor, and encourager. You will never see anyone disciple people better than Kent. He has been a mentor and a tremendous blessing in my life, and as far as a friend, there is none better.”
- Chris Wells, Wellspoken Ministries,

I've known Kent Williams for 25 years and have had the privilege of serving on staff with him here at The People's Church.  Qualities I admire in Kent's life are his personal godliness, passion for people, work ethic and commitment to excellence.
       -Alan Pace, Adult Connection Pastor, The People's Church
“Kent Williams and I have been friends for more than a decade.  Throughout that time I have watched him consistently be a loving father, devoted husband and passionate pastor.  Kent authentically tries to serve and invest in everyone he comes in contact with.  I hold him in very high regard.”
  -Darren Whitehead, Senior Pastor, City Church, Nashville, TN
“I’ve known Kent since his middle school days when I served as his youth minister. Very early on, it was apparent that God was going to use Kent to make a difference. Since then I’ve definitely seen God use Kent to make a profound and eternal difference in countless lives. Kent knows how to build a ministry.  Every place he has been, he has multiplied his leadership by making disciples, just as Jesus instructed. Kent is creative, committed, as determined as they come, and rarely outworked by anyone. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of adult student leaders. Kent easily ranks among the top handful when it comes to effective and lasting ministry.” 
I’m Bill Cox and I approved this message.
   -Bill Cox, Concoxions Creative Ministries

"Kent joined the pastoral team when I was Senior Pastor of Community Bible Church, in Brighton, MI..  In all of my years of pastoral ministry, I have never worked with any other Student Minister who had the capabilities to reach, teach, connect with, and lead students as well as Kent has.  He is a tireless worker and innovative.  He deeply loves the Lord and deeply loves students.  Kent has an exemplary marriage and family.  I give him the highest recommendation."
  -Sam Hoyt, Associate Trainer, EQUIP
I have known Kent from our college days.....  He has been a faithful friend to me and my family.  Each time I talk with Kent he encourages me in the Lord.  His ministry focus always challenges me to a great commitment to Christ.  I admire his desire to serve the Lord and help people grow in their faith.
Glenn Chappelear - Professional Fisherman, Founder of Sportsmen's Outreach, Inc
"Kent Williams has been a tremendous double blessing as a friend and mentor..... 
First as the senior leader in the youth ministry, working under Kent with the college and career program, I have seen him grow the leadership into a co-hesive team that shares common goals.  In our work there, is a balance to reach youth the traditional church is failing to reach as well as disciple and equip adult leadership and students.  I have enjoyed seeing a difference made in the kingdom of Christ working with Kent in an age group of young mobile adults that the larger church often losses after high school graduation.
Second he was a coach and mentor to my son in a key stage of his life...  forming a Godly discipline in life that continually focused him on following God's leading in life.  This guidance and leadership he gave now bears fruit in my son taking a lead role in FCA at the college level to impact other student athletes.  It also impacted him to seek out what God's calling is in life and has him now exploring the promting to follow God's lead to go into the public schools as teacher, coach and mentor for the next generation."
-Jim Eshelman, Greenville, SC
"I have known Kent for several years, and the first thought that comes to mind when I think of him is genuine. He genuinely loves God, and lives his life reflecting that love. He is also one of the hardest working people I know, as well as driven to help people know and grow in Jesus. We absolutely love him and his family, and are blessed by God to know them. We have worked shoulder to shoulder and I would give him my highest recommendation."
  -Bob Pittenger, Howell, MI
"Kent Williams was my youth pastor for many years and so I call this man friend, pastor and brother.  His compassion, humility and dedication to God are challenging and inspiring.  I'm excited to see where God leads him in the coming years!"
  -Rebecca Smallbone (aka Rebecca St. James)
"Kent Williams has been an enormous asset to the Howell High School Football Program, the school and the community.  Kent’s character, faith and strong commitment to community service has guided our program to new heights and leadership."
-Aaron Metz, Howell, Head Football Coach
"Kent and I have known each other for many years. We served the Lord together in Columbia, SC for several years. Kent loves people and desires to see them grow in their experience and intellectual understanding of who HE really is. I know God has used Kent for many years helping people persevere in their walk with Christ. I consider him a friend."
-Foster Christy, Itinerant Evangelist with Kingdom Building Ministries
May I commend to you the ministry of Kent Williams.  Years ago, he grew up here at Taylors, was baptized and called to ministry here.  As you can see in his biographical information, he has been used by God in a variety of places in helping primarily young people come to faith in Christ and grow in Him.  He has been very effective in this process of obeying the Great Commission.  I commend him to you as a person who has been used mightily by God and wishes to be used even further in the days ahead. His mom and dad are members of TFBC where I served, and are some of the most faithful, growing people.  Therefore, Kent comes from a great family who love and support him very much.  I commend him to you.
Dr. Frank S. PagePastor, President, CEO SBC,  President, SBC 2006

"While in high school, I was part of a group of young men that Kent Williams discipled.  He taught us what it meant to have a relationship with Christ and how to avoid ritualistic religion.  Kent invested in us and challenged us in our spiritual walk like no one had ever done before.  He had discernment to know when to “push” us in our walk with Christ and when we needed a pat on the back.  I am incredibly grateful that Christ used Kent Williams because I experienced supernatural change in my life through his ministry.  Christ through Kent helped transform a group of young believers into campus ministers that were unashamed and unapologetic about their walk with The Lord.  He helped set the bedrock of our spiritual foundation for the men of God that we are today. "
-Bryant Laird, SC Baptist Convention Youth Ministry Department
Pastor Kent loves and is dedicated to God, his family and has a passion for reaching out to youth. Under his guidence these past 5 years, our church has seen our youth ministry flourish; he has tried to have something for everyone. But Kent is not just about "the numbers," he takes an interest in each individual young person. My own son has grown in confidence, in faith and has a fit if he has to miss church. How many parents can say that about their kid in this society? Despite their busy schedules, Kent and Karen have taken the time to come alongside us as parents when we had to deal with loss. Karen shares Kent's passion for reaching kids, and knows how to get down on a child's level without losing control of a group. Their own children are kindhearted, mature, and lots of fun. It is obvious to me that ministry is not just a "job" to Kent; it is how he lives his life.
-Gwen Bliss, parent, Community Bible Church, Brighton, MI
Kent is an excellent communicator of the word bringing the word of God to students in a relevant and effective way. He places a high priority on discipleship, is a constant source of encouragement, and leads students to authentically pursue God in their own lives. I had the privilege of being discipled by Kent when he served at Community Bible Church; in addition I also served as an Intern in the Student Ministry at CBC under Kent Williams. Today I am a Youth Minister to Students in Greenville, SC and I can confidently say that without Pastor Kent’s obedience to God I would not be equipped to lead a Student Ministry. Kent is passionately involved with youth today, remains relevant, and true to the word of God.
-Mike Darrow, Youth Pastor, Double Springs Baptist, Greenville, SC

From the first time I got acquainted with Kent, I have been impressed with his love for God’s Kingdom and His gifts for the Kingdom Work. He has especially worked closely with our Youth Pastor and given great support and guidance. When our staff decided it was time to bring in a consultant to give us fresh perspective, it didn’t take long until Kent’s name came up. Kent did a thorough job, as he looked at our schedules and ministry operations. His written report was easy to read and brought good options for us to consider.      -Ben Walls, Senior Pastor, Brighton Nazarene Church, Brighton, MI
My wife Cindy and I have known Pastor Kent as a friend and professional for 5 years. The first thing you will notice when you meet him is his commitment and steadfast dedication to reaching youth for Christ. While others seek careers and positions, Kent’s number one goal is getting kids to know and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. He accomplishes this goal with various means as he’s developed many tools depending on the situation. Kent successfully developed and initiated an outreach basketball program that is unrivaled in our area. The program has grown exponentially since it’s insemination to the point where we have to turn away kids in certain age divisions due to lack of gym time. Although the league is exciting and can become competitive, Kent has his finger on the pulse and reminds the coaches and administrators why the league exists – to teach the message of salvation to lost kids and get them to accept Christ.
Kent successfully recruited me to be a middle school Sunday school teacher at a time when teaching was the last thing on my mind. I’ve taught for over 4 years now, and I often remind him I feel guilty teaching these kids as the blessings that God has bestowed upon me and my family seems to outweigh any impact I have on others. Kent is a hard worker, but he’s a smart worker. He has the ability to delegate projects and encourages others to take ownership which frees him up to do what he does best – lead and strategize. I’ve been blessed to know Kent and his family these last years. He is a testament to God, his family, and his community.    
- Kerry & Cindy Springer Brighton, MI

Kent is a person of integrity who is willing to take on new challenges and push students, and everyone around him, to strive for their best. He is well organized and trustworthy. One of Kent's best assets is his positive attitude to interact effectively with students and coworkers.  Kent Williams is dedicated to improving the lives of students. He has made supporting and helping youth achieve their full potential his life endeavor. He will do everything in his power to continue in this mission.
Timothy Tanner, Sr.  Innovation Specialist, CCSD Department of Innovation and Digital Learning
My take-away is – you have to really have a heart of compassion to work with teens for over 30 years! While some may see Youth work as a stepping-stone to other leadership opportunities, Kent has demonstrated that this is his commitment and his joy. He willingly invests in the lives of students, and works with them to set and achieve their goals. This usually is NOT an easy task, as teenage students face huge challenges: identity, self-esteem, changes in home structures, peer pressure, and access to innumerable distractions. None of this takes Kent by surprise, and he is willing & able to have conversation about how to navigate these challenges and thrive in the midst.

Kent’s interest in sports often opens doors for him to relate to students on other levels. As an athlete, he challenges individuals to push past perceived limits. As a coach, he advises on individual skill development and effective teamwork. As a referee, he establishes and upholds “rules of the game.”
Kent also communicates in a multitude of ways with both students and parents. One-on-one,
text, Twitter – his interest in technology and effective relationship-building helps greatly in keeping up with changing means.

He is a devoted husband and father of four (college age and above). He has a proven, extended track record with students in a wide variety of settings. He believes in the innate potential of each student. He would be an asset from Day One.
Kathleen White, MUSC Patient Crisis Education Specialist
What I found to be Kent’s greatest asset is his ability to problem solve while maintaining a positive attitude. He was always willing to lend a helping hand where needed and is a team player in every respect. Every aspect of his teaching and training was innovative and he consistently monitored his efforts with assessments, making changes as needed. His teaching is unsurpassed and his ability to lead a group through each objective leading to enduring understanding is unmatched.
Milan Klipa, Jr Teacher, Rock Hill High School