Eternal Events, Inc
Ever heard an eternal statement?  One that you will always remember with a smile that can't be ignored?  That is what Eternal Events, Inc is all about.

Let Karen book your next trip via plane, train, boat or kayak.  She is a unique Outside Travel Agent. Karen also offers a team that plans Events for parks, communities, churches and familes that are eternally special in every way. 

Events for 10 or 1,000.
Every thing from pony rides, inflateables, corn hole, games, foam machine and more.  Any size, any place, any time, let Eternal Events quote your next event.

Eternal Events Foam Machine
The EE Foam Machine is always a hit at any event from kids to adults.  Who does not love to play in a pile of pure clean foam?  Wrestle, hide in a cloud of foam, put on a foam beard, simple clean fun!  This event is wonderful addition to a large event with many choices of fun or a stand alone event on a warm day with a slip and slide near by just for "slides."  The EE Foam machine can be set up inside under certain conditions as well.
Click here to see Eternal Events Foam Machine in action.
Foam Machine set up instructions